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Welcome to Nature Photo Art, your online gallery of exquisite fine art nature photographs. We celebrate Audubon-inspired birds, and feature the American Bald Eagle, a unique collection of raptors and other birds, as well as foxes and flowers. All capture the natural beauty and excitement of our amazing planet's inspiring and delightful creatures.

These captivating images by photojournalist and nature photographer William Jobes, printed on archival paper and suitable for framing, are now available for your personal home or office collection.   Experience Nature Photo Art's commitment to the highest standards of artistic excellence.

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See William Jobes' art: 

The Upstairs Gallery Peddler's Village, Lahaska, Bucks County, PA.

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William Jobes 

Nature Photo Prints

 Fine Art Nature Photography by William Jobes 

William Jobes has expressed his creative vision as a daily newspaper photographer, reporter and editor, as well as a multiple Emmy award-winning television news journalist. 

As 21st Century living imposes more and more time demands on the human spirit, we experience a growing detachment from the world’s natural beauty and the drama all around us. 

While we’re fully engaged in the excitement and frenzy of daily living, something magical is always happening just beyond our gaze, out of sight over the next hill or beyond the tree line into the nearby woods. If only we had time, and knew where to look, a new parallel natural world would be revealed. 

Now nature photojournalist William Jobes has stepped across that divide, and pursued the natural world through the unique, inquisitive and probing perspective one acquires as a lifelong journalist. By opening wide his sense of awareness and walking in tune with the rhythms of nature, he is able to aim his lens to capture a unique moment in time and memorialize it forever. 

His special brand of nature photography is accented by a photojournalist’s perspective of the world around him. From flowers and landscapes, to birds and wildlife, he steps into the natural world and returns with images worthy of fine art exhibition or display in the home or office. 

While his primary focus is Bucks County, Pennsylvania, he has ventured throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond in pursuit of lasting images borrowed from Nature’s tapestry. 

A partial list of his extensive publication credits includes the New York Times, the Philadelphia Inquirer, USA Today and Birder’s World magazine. 

You are invited to share in the bounty of his vision, as expressed through limited edition fine art archival quality nature prints. 

His works may be seen at The Upstairs Gallery, Peddler's Village, Lahaska, PA.  

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